Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table

Some people may consider back and neck pain a simple physical ailment earned because of so much work, but would not be easy to deal with if left untreated. It will cost major compromise in health, work and social life preventing you do your normal daily activities. Because of this reason, Teeter F7000S inversion table was made available to address the issue of lower and upper back pains as well as neck pains. The use of this device will help prevent and relieve the occurrence of such pains. With its entire attractive feature, exercising becomes more enjoyable and the after pains caused by it are greatly prevented.

The most practical distinctive feature of this inversion table is its mobility since it is adjusted easily. Rotation is simply done by tactical change of arms position allowing the weight to maneuver on its own. It also permits the inversion table to swivel effortlessly to its comfortable angle. You can also select the level of rotation and stretching of device before or even using it according to your desire.

This F7000S Inversion Table is also inverted up to 90 degrees and has a full lock that offers the benefit of performing sit-ups and squats in an inverted position. With simple arm movements, you can lock, unlock or manipulate the device according to your want.

Acquiring this device is cost efficient because it reduces the expense of frequent check-ups to the doctor caused by neck and back pains, it also prevents repeated absences in work due to pains. Some study guarantees that it is a good investment because of its high quality and durability. It widely used in most clinical settings and is classified under UL 60601-1 assuring 400% in terms of safety. In case the device incurs some structural damage, it can be easily replaced because the warranty is valid for up to 5 years.