How To Reduce Tummy Fat

People on a diet always wonder how to reduce tummy fat without resorting to starvation or working out day in and day out? Is it really possible to get a flat stomach without growing thin and looking sickly?

Earlier, people resorting to diets were convinced that working out with crunches and sit-ups would help them focus on removing fat around the stomach area. Unfortunately, spot reduction is a story that is just not true. You cannot focus on removing abdominal fat without actually removing fat accumulated throughout your body. However, the right mix of exercise and food will help you burn fat, and your tummy will begin to look flatter.

Burning Tummy Fat Off With Nutritious Food

Certain type of foods adds weight to the midriff region, while others actually reduce it. The quantity does not matter as much as the type of food you eat to have a positive effect on abdominal fat.

For instance, some chemicals and foods create stress in the body. Two such stimulants that are widely consumed by people are nicotine and caffeine that increase blood pressure and heart rate. These vital signs are interpreted as danger signals by the body. Instantly, it acts to preserve the body by storing more calories than required around the abdomen.

The body produces cortisol, a stress hormone that initiates such action. The hormone forces the body to store fat around the waist and abdomen. Such fat is very dangerous and is known to cause medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Production of insulin in the body can only aggravate the condition. Insulin is produced to convert glucose into energy. Sweetened flavors initiate a higher release of insulin even if glucose levels in the blood are normal or low. This is precisely why consuming foods that contain artificial sweeteners make people feel hungrier. The blood glucose level is brought down by the insulin increasing hunger. People eventually eat more than required, and fat starts accumulating around the belly.

Foods that do not induce production of excess insulin will actually teach you how to reduce tummy fat. It helps reduce abdominal fat and prevents the body from going into self-preservation mode. Foods that digest slowly and are nutritious include lean meat or tofu, fibrous vegetables and fruits, grain breads and pastas, avocados and olive oil.

Turn to green tea in place of coffee, if you cannot give up caffeine totally. Green tea contains sufficient quantities of caffeine to activate you, including phytonutrients that assist in several ways to improve health, including bringing about a faster metabolism rate.

Reduce Abdominal Fat With Exercise

Naturally, a nutritious diet is just one aspect of a weight-loss program. The other aspect is regular exercise. You may not be able to focus on reducing abdominal fat with strength and cardio exercises, but they will help you bring down your overall body fat content. Indulge in exercises that help you focus more on abdominal muscles. The routine will provide a firm and strong stomach as you begin losing excess fat.

The type of cardio exercise is immaterial. You could swim, go for long brisk walks, spend some time tending to plants in the garden, indulge in regular swimming activity, or practice martial arts. Take part in an enjoyable activity at least 3 to 5 hours every week. Your heart will respond positively to the exercises, and you will begin losing weight around the midriff within no time.

Strength training adds more weight to a fat-burning regimen. The leaner your muscles get, the better it is to burn excess calories in the body. It prevents storage of fat. Indulge in a half-hour strength training regimen three times weekly. The right exercise regimen will target different muscle groups on specific days. For instance, you could focus on your shoulders and arms on Tuesday, core and ab exercises on Thursday, and strength exercises for your lower body and legs on a Saturday.

Get enough rest between sessions. Consume a lot of water, as it will ensure fat content is burnt off efficiently. Aim to consume at least 64 ounces of clean water every day. In other words, for every pound of body weight, consume 1 ounce of water.